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Safety Tips

As drivers and pedestrians, we all want to reach our destinations safely. Here are some tips from the US DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration campaign, "Share the Road Safely" on doing exactly that.

Car Drivers

  • Never drink and drive!

Motorcycle Drivers

  • Watch the "No-Zones". Never hang out in a truck's blind spot or "No-Zone".

Truck and Bus Drivers

  • Take care of yourself! The most important part of a moving truck or bus is the driver. Get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel, eat well and stay fit!


  • Stopping Distances. Use caution when crossing intersections and streets. You may think vehicles will stop for you, but they may not see you or even be able to stop. Never take a chance with a truck, even if the driver sees you, they may not be able to stop. Truck brakes and gears are notorious for sticking.


  • Ride with traffic. Ride on the right side, with the flow of traffic.